A great opportunity and a unique way to get to know products or services that could solve your business needs and that you would not have been able to find by yourself.
More than just vendors talking about their products.
Your process for uncovering additional ways of thinking about a company’s need for technology/systems is fascinating and very powerful.
Vendors come to us. It’s moderated. No sales pressure.
We’ve become a little frustrated trying to think outside the box. I’m wondering if our time isn’t better spent letting you guys do some searches that I don’t think we would have ever done by ourselves.
I liked the fact that buyers have the possibility to ask questions and that the showcase was available worldwide. I liked the fact there were slides and videos we could view along with the presentation.
What I liked best was the quality of the speakers.
We never would have found these guys.

Presenting Suppliers.....

Well first of all it’s a very well structured process. I think the rehearsal part of it helps me hone my message and also understand my audience a little better – to make sure I was talking about the things that we do that are most relevant.
We enjoy working with your team and have learned a lot from it. We just received a large food manufacturing automation project on the west coast and have decided to put more effort into the food processing area because of what we learned working with your team.
We enjoyed it and appreciated the opportunity to participate. You and the team did a great job as well - it moved smoothly and the presentation technology seemed to work very well.
The West Coast companies we called on as the result of an Innovation Showcase would probably never ever have called us otherwise.
Bang for the buck. I spend an hour and I’ve got 5 to 10 good solid sales leads afterwards…I’ll take that all day long. Bring me more industries.
It really was a good time and I’d be more than happy to join again!

Sponsors and Convenors......

You guys are doing some amazing things. You have taken a great concept and operationalized it for true meaningful work based on solid business strategies.
I have been searching worldwide for a solution like yours. No one has one. I have only been able to dream of a collaboration toolset like yours.
“Innovation Showcases provide a vital conduit to advancing solutions to our members in a fraction of the time it would take them to discover them on their own.”
The Innovation Showcases have provided a tangible vehicle to provide a really useful educational opportunity for our members that we would have been hard-pressed to produce ourselves.
Starting by understanding a particular industries technology issues allows for a more organic and creative solution discovery process. So far, there have been a number of innovation supplier/innovation seeker connections that would never have been made without Innovation Showcases to connect the dots.