The traditional marketing model for innovative supplier or a tech transfer agent is, “Let me show you my new thing”. It's the seller taking the initiative.

We take a different approach. We focus on the buyer, because new methods and things don’t qualify for capital dollars unless they:

  1. Increase production throughput (more units in less time)
  2. Improve quality (more revenue per unit)
  3. Reduce overall operating expense (energy costs, footprint, maintenance)

Right?  You need all three to improve P&L and competitive positioning.  And that’s the end you have in mind, isn’t it?

So, we don’t ask what technologies to investigate.  We ask which producton challenges to solve, and in what order. Here’s the profile of a top-priority opportunity:

  • Previously considered improvements just don’t pencil out.

  • But there is still potential to deliver the P&L benefits listed above (1,2 and 3).

  • You expect that – eventually – a worthy innovation will come along to solve the problem.

  • But you haven’t seen it yet.

  • Still, it may be out there, in the emerging tech pipeline, or market-ready

  • And, if you do find it, your cross functional colleagues will rally behind implementation.

We are completely technology agnostic, facilitators not influencers. The end result is a streamlined solution scanning and selection process free of vendor bias or sales pressure.  Just accelerated emerging tech connections.