An ETforum is delivered as a series of short web conferences. 2-4 solution presenters are included in each session along with vigorous internal discussion.

We use desktop web conferencing, so your people can participate from anywhere. And scheduling is routine. It’s a better-than-live environment, with face-to-face video, multi-threaded chat, prioritized Q&A, departmental break-outs, and immediately tabulated evaluations and action plans.

Hassle-free vendor selection and logistics. We can work with vendors and presenters you discover within our ETsource™ knowledgebase. Or we can work with others that you source independently. Either way, we handle all the logistics, vetting, and vendor preparation. You and your team can receive exceptionally well-prepared problem-solution presentations from the senior officers of emerging tech companies, or the direct sources of IP.

Short lead time. Minimal participant time commitment. You can conduct your ETforum with as little as six weeks lead time. And, it can consume as little as 10 hours per participant.

Achieve efficient cross-departmental consensus. Because there's no travel, you're free to include as many of your colleagues and cross departmental decision makers as you like. You'll all be exposed to the same information, in parallel, making it easier to come to a joint decision and move on to deployment.


Learn more about how ETforums work in our fun 3-minute video.