Search our database for solutions. Our ETsource knowledgebase contains detailed profiles of emerging tech companies from across all technology sectors.

Gain consensus before deeper investigation. An industry pilot team or cross-departmental innovation team can quickly identify the Top 10 or Top 20 external technologies and innovations that have shared prioritization across departments.

Team members can add individual notations inline. Because each person and each department have searched and ranked for their own account -- and selected from thousands of possibilities -- it follows that the Top 10 team or corporate selections have wide support.

Condensed supplier evaluation live web events. Once consensus is reached on the finalists you want to see your team can proceed with either an Innovation Showcase for your industry group or an ETforum for a private technology selection process just for your organization. We facilitate both options as live web events that your members can attend. We coach presenters from your top picks on specifics most relevant to your group and produce the event for you.